Since the early 90s, thanks to snowboarding, I have been able to discover the charm of “surfing” unique snow waves, sometimes right behind my house.

Some of these “waves” (see the gallery here) have been photographed thanks to professional friends: Paolo Meitre Libertini, Damiano Levati, Pietro Celesia, Guillaume Le Guillou, Pierre Lucianaz and Francesco Perrone.

Over the years, however, the chances of finding the right conditions (good snow and less risk) have become increasingly rare due to the drastic and evident climate change we are going through and which is also affecting our winters in the Alps.

In 2023 this possibility (of finding the perfect conditions) presented itself in the month of January both here in Aosta Valley (Crévacol-Gran San Bernardo) and in the beautiful Austrian trip to Bad Gastein with Spark R&D.

A brief return to normality after another anomalous winter which confirms once again how important it is to move from simple awareness of a serious situation to action.

Each of us, in his own small way, can and must contribute in an important way to ensure that the trend is reversed.

If we want to preserve these “snow waves” for the future, we need to engage and act now.



4 March 2023