Going up to this place always gives me unique, magical emotions.

Today the clear signal of the changes we are going through at the level of planetary and local climate can no longer be neglected.

In one of the stories in my book, “The first time”, I describe the discovery of this enchanted place and in particular of the view and the many descents faced along this sharp shoulder / spine that starts from the Aiguille d’Entrèves.

Seeing now how the Toula (shot of 2nd November, 2022) glacier has transformed cannot but make me reflect once again on what went wrong in the approach to nature and the Earth that we should all love and respect.

We all know what are the right choices and actions to put in place before it is too late, to ensure that the magic of the “first time” can repeat itself again.

Let’s do it now.

Merry Christmas


Damiano Levati (©), Ettore Personettaz, Toula, Febbraio 2005,


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