This “winter” month of May is ideal to offer some considerations on the splitboard season just ended.

The splitboard or splitboarding is undoubtedly an activity that in recent years has shown a continuous evolution, approaching new enthusiasts and in some cases many nostalgic of that spirit of freedom that so much represented snowboarding at the beginning: freestyle, freeride.

I myself, at the beginning of the nineties, was conquered by the charm of this “tool” (the snowboard) that allowed me to ride snow waves and project ourselves into the air in search of the perfect maneuver and trick (not without some falls …).

This year an important datum concerns the typology of splitboarders: the Split Day Aosta Valley in December was attended by fourteen women and during some splitboard trips and the Wild Splitboard Camp there were motivated snowboard-girls to face a respectable height difference of meters  (without counting the Camp dedicated only for the Ladies).

The splitboard is finally offering everyone the chance to reach new goals, thanks to the evolution of the materials available from the companies that believe and continue to invest and to the work of people and professionals increasingly active on the Italian and international scene.

Individual, personal or shared goals:

– escape from the routine and stress of crowded places and tracks
– simple ride / trip
– research and fight over one’s limits
– sharing of effort, experience and emotions
– powder hunting in wild and exclusive spots
– study and exploration of new lines from unique or less known mountains

Every motivation, in its diversity, contains a common denominator: the achievement of a certain personal satisfaction. It is a healthy narcissism that contributes to exalting the ego without necessarily falling into the mere will to appear.

Every motivation consolidates the main objective of the splitboard: the discovery (and rediscovery) of the charm of nature, of mountains, of snow and why not … of ourselves.


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