Becca di Nona

La Becca, when two and a half years ago, I decided to make this madness I was scared, maximum 4 hours, 2500 meters of positive difference in height 13km, these are numbers that impress, but what really impresses is to be in the central piazza of Aosta, Piazza Chanoux, at 583m looks up, much more up the Becca which from its 3.142m watches over the city forever.

I said it is strange to be one day walking through the streets of the center, look up and say, but let’s try.

He tried it, and was immediately passion, passion for try it again.

Sunday, a spring and the start of the season so-so, lots of little details, shoes, a nice tonsillite at the end of June, the re-launch of some already scheduled competition, but the desire to be there, because there is no competition, it’s an event, people on the street, the bands, the party

There are aliens, who in less than half the hours allowed manage to win (the Magician Maguet honor for the enterprise), and then the ordinary people who sweat that runs headlong, corricchia, walking, smiling .. you he smiles (we are a little masochist is evident), but he makes us feel alive.

And you feel good, when you get up there, maybe you should also luky that in addition to having the incitement of strangers along the paths (as well as many friendly faces), are in fact often someone at the summit that in the last meters as incites if you are winning.

And then … what do you do once you’re up there? Obviously look down, and the whole world seems beautiful, small, but great at the same time, the problems, the discomfort vanish and you feel in your little one a little bit the king of the mountain, where you left your track in total freedom!


Ps two years older, 5 minutes less, small satisfactions :-p